Opening for Trigger Hippy at White Eagle Hall Jersey City!

Music karma does exist.

Just a couple weeks after devouring former Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman’s memoir on his roller coaster tenure with the band (hell of a fun read, by the way) and two nights after a late-night screening of the Crowes’ Freak n’ Roll concert on my brother-in-law’s big screen, we got an offer from White Eagle Hall to open up for Steve’s current band, Trigger Hippy.

They say “act like you belong there,” and ya know what, we do. But we’re also well past the point of trying to play it cool - this is a big, big show for us, and we hope you’ll come help us celebrate.

Advance tickets are available online, or we can set you up with a physical ticket and save you a few bucks on internet fees.

See you at White Eagle Hall on Sunday, November 3rd. Doors open at 6:00PM, show kicks off at 7:30PM.

Popdose Premieres "If Today I Should Die"

Our first single, "Brother," was 100% rock n' roll, so we thought we'd show off our folksy side with our second single.

Thank you to the good folks over at Popdose for premiering "If Today I Should Die." 

As they recommend in the article, "Close your eyes and give this a listen. Then tell us what you think – or feel." 

Howl will be released in just three weeks! 

Glide Magazine Premieres New Single "Brother"

Hooray for new music! 

We're thrilled to have Glide Magazine help us share our new single, "Brother."

Head over to their website to hear the song before it's officially released next Friday, July 20. 

“…a rollicking track that conjures the bluesy hard-edged and colorful sounds of both The Black Crowes and Rival Sons. Kevin Harrison & True North have an open platform to launch a rock revolution of their own that avoids any too obvious comparisons and delivers a more naturalistic rock and roll medicine.” – Glide Magazine

California Bound!

I was going to be cheesy. I was going to start this post with some classic (cliche) lyrics about the Golden State. But there are too many damn options! Seriously, try to count all the songs you've heard about California. 

Indecisiveness wins the day, so I'll get to the point...

With recording finished and the logistics of an album release now ahead of me, the time was perfect for a medium-term escape. I'll be setting up shop in Los Angeles for the next two months, and playing a handful of solo acoustic shows while on the west coast. 

I can't wait to see all you west coast faces. Enjoy your summer, New York. 

Live in CA.jpg

"F*ckin Dope"

We're home. Exhausted. Exhilarated. Both anxious and eager for what comes next. 

Our recording session in the Catskill mountains was without a doubt one of the highlights of my musical life. Or any part of my life really. 

We spent five days completely immersed in making music, and I cannot wait to share these songs with you. As our ever-eloquent producer remarked, they're "fuckin' dope."

If you want to dive a bit deeper into the process, you can go back and read our Kickstarter Updates. Each of us took a turn sharing a recap of the days' events. We also got a lot of great photos and video that we'll be turning into a behind-the-scenes mini movie to accompany the EP release in the fall. 

So what's next? 

Mastering. Designing the album cover. Taking cheesy new photos for the promotion. Printing up the CDs. And finally... the release of the new album in September. We'll be sure to share updates along the way!

Pre-order our new EP today!

Pre-order our EP and come behind the scenes as we record in New York's Catskill Mountains.

Join us as we embark on recording our second EP! We’ll be heading up to the Catskill Mountains of New York to work with esteemed producer Simone Felice (Lumineers, Vance Joy).

A lot goes into making an album – even if it’s just a 4 or 5 song EP! Simone and his team will produce, record, and mix the record. From there, we’ll still need to have it mastered, print up CDs, and then the big one – promotion. An amazing record isn’t worth much if no one gets to hear it!

All of those steps in the process add up to a hefty bill – one that we’re pouring our respective savings into. We’ve got 85% of the funds we need to do this project right. By pre-ordering the new EP, and maybe even opting for one of the bigger ticket items or experiences we’re offering, you’ll help us cross the finish line.

Thank you for your support – we can’t wait to share our new music with you!

New Album Coming in 2018

Do bands make New Year's Resolutions?

If so, we resolve to put out a new album in 2018! 

We spent the first couple weeks of the year working up our best versions of every song that we might consider for our next recording - some brand spankin' new, some older but never given the respect they deserve! 

Thanks to the super-convenient recording setup at Replay Music Studios in Manhattan, we were able to demo eleven songs in just a couple days. You can see video of some of our favorites on our YouTube page

We'll keep you posted as our recording plans take shape! 

The Dark Side of True North

A boyhood dream realized... Okay, maybe it's more like a beer-buzzed college musician's dream realized. 

While at the University of South Carolina, I saw a local band - Tootie and the Jones - perform Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon from start to finish on Halloween night. I've talked about doing something similar in just about every band that I've played in since, and now we finally have the right lineup - and friends to guest star - to pull it off. 

On Saturday, October 28, we'll bring The Dark Side of True North to The Bitter End, NYC

Watch the trailer on YouTube. 

RSVP on Facebook. 

So...that happened.

It's been a busy summer - a week off the grid out west, an acoustic set at Rockwood Music Hall, another Sofar Sounds performance - but the coolest thing we've done so far is rock the Gramercy Theatre, opening up for Sister Hazel!

It's been a couple years since we had the privilege of playing the Gramercy for the first time, and this time I vowed to stop and smell the roses a bit more than our last go-round. It did not disappoint. 

Thank you to everyone that helped make it such a meaningful night. 

Next up, American Beauty on August 18!


After stumbling upon Sofar Sounds earlier this year, I knew we had to play one of their shows!

Not familiar? Sofar offers "secret shows" in hundreds of cities across the globe. You enter for tickets in a certain neighborhood, receive the actual location the day before (often outside-the-box venues, think: loft apartments, clothing stores, historic churches), and show up for a BYOB slate of three various musical acts. 

Want to join us for our first Sofar show? Head to and enter to win tickets to the May 25 show in Gowanus, Brooklyn. 

New Year, New Tunes, New News!

Hey folks,

We took a much-needed break from gigging to close out 2016, and we're now back with recharged batteries and a bunch of new songs!

Thanks to all who helped us kick off the new year with an awesome show at American Beauty - what a great crowd and great venue!

Next up, we return to The Bitter End on Saturday night, February 4, and we're working on lining up an acoustic show in NYC in March - stay tuned. 

We're also planning some trips out of town - here's looking at you Philly and D.C. - and throwing our hat in the ring for some fun online contests (Opening for Bon Jovi!?! - NPR Tiny Desk Contest). 

We hope to have some new videos up for you in the next couple weeks, including one of the new tunes. Hope you all enjoy the new stuff!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

2015 was an exciting one for us, what with the name change, new album, Gramercy Theatre show, and all. But, we're expecting even bigger things this year. 

We'll kick things off on Saturday, January 9, with a (semi) unplugged show at Sidewalk Cafe, featuring stripped down versions of songs old and new. 

After that we'll be crossing over into NJ with a show at Maxwell's in Hoboken, supporting new Bon Jovi guitarist Matt O'Ree. Grab your tickets in advance. 

Stay tuned for additional shows and new videos in the near future!

KHTN Newsletter: Bitter End Show on 11/14, Photos from Gramercy, and more!

Since so many kind - and trusting - folks have forked over their email addresses to us at recent shows, we've started up a newsletter. 

We'll shoot to send something out once a month or so - giving a heads up on upcoming shows, sharing new music or video, and anything else we think you might be interested in. 

You can view the most recent edition here. It's got some great pictures from the Gramercy show, a reminder about our upcoming gig at The Bitter End, and links to all of the ways you can hear our new album. 

Didn't receive this one? Click here to sign up for the mailing list. 

Kevin Harrison & True North EP now online!

If you're reading this, congratulations-- you've found your way to a sneak preview of all 4 of the new songs on our upcoming Kevin Harrison & True North EP!

We'll be adding the tunes one-by-one to our YouTube channel in the coming weeks, leading up to our official CD release show (which also happens to be the biggest show we've ever played!) opening up for American Aquarium at the Gramercy Theatre on October 22. 

Shortly after, the album will be available on iTunes, CDbaby, etc... We'll keep you posted!

After beginning tracking this spring at a home studio in Long Island, we moved back into the city to mix with Myles Turney. Dan Millice put the finishing touches on the songs in mastering, and Discmakers is printing us up some beautiful hard copies. 

It was a long road to the finish line for this project, and we couldn't be more excited to finally share the music with you. Hope you enjoy!



Gramercy Theatre - Thursday, October 22

We could not be more excited about playing the Gramercy Theatre for the first time - opening up for a band we love, American Aquarium

To earn our keep, we'll be selling $15 advance tickets, so if you plan on attending then be sure to reach out to us in person or by email at 

We're wrapping up the new recording and plan on having copies available at the show. 

Hope to see you there!