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Kevin Harrison & True North was founded to bring a once familiar style of music back to the forefront of New York City’s legendary scene – rock & roll.

With all due respect to synth-poppysch-garageshoegaze, or any of the other hip genres taking a hold of the city’s soundscape, we build our music on a time-honored foundation of inspired songwriting, strong rhythms, and guitars that are both soaring and soulful.

Our “folky-bluesy rock” draws on decades of tradition, while recognizing that it’s no longer 1969, for a lively combination of classic and modern vibes.

If it seems like we have a bit of a chip on our shoulder as a result of our fair city seemingly losing its musical compass, we do. We can only hope to offer a strong enough brand of authentic, rock & roll music to swing the needle back toward its True North. 


Vocals, Guitar / Kevin Harrison
Guitar / Brendan Cavanaugh
Bass / Pete Smith
Drums / Ray Mazza

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Kevin Harrison & True North

by Kevin Harrison & True North

The Kevin Harrison & True North EP is now available!

Give it a listen here, and if you like it grab a copy from CD Baby or iTunes


January 2017 / tiny desk sessions - Jersey city,NJ

3.11.2016 / Live at Arlene's Grocery - NYC


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Okay, so we might not be cool enough to offer vinyl just yet, but you can buy a CD or digital copy of our Kevin Harrison & True North EP here! We also have our previous incarnations' releases if you're feeling retro.